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Imperial Academy Nursery aims at providing babies, toddlers and young children a simulative environment where they are encouraged to build confidence while promoting healthy development and pure enjoyment.

Imperial Academy 幼兒園的宗旨是為嬰兒、幼兒及幼童提供一個具啟發性的環境,鼓勵他們建立自信,促進他們的健康發展及全情投入地快樂學習。

Stage 0: Baby Playgroup
Suggested Age: 6 – 11 months old
Duration: 45-minute session, 2 times per week
Accompanied by 1 caretaker
Activities: Sensory Play, Baby Massage, Music and Movement

階段 0:嬰兒遊戲小組
建議年齡:6 – 11 個月大
45-分鐘課節,每周 2次
由 1名照顧者陪同

Our comprehensive Kindergarten English course aims to provide a friendly and inspiring environment for children to communicate in English naturally. Our approach helps students to gain confidence speaking English both inside and outside the classrooms. The course emphasises the general understanding and application of the language.

We promote Phonics as a basic tool for young learners to read and spell with phonological knowledge, and gradually build up a solid foundation for the language and bank of lexis. As a result, students from our course often receive positive feedback and appreciation of their performance from their kindergarten and school.



Comprehensive and Integrative Learning Approach


Listening & Speaking
We focus on the development of strong English listening and speaking. Our centre provides every opportunity for kids to live surrounded by English.



Phonics is a tool for automatic reading and spelling. We aim at raising children’s phonological awareness, which is critical for learning to read and spell.



Word knowledge is crucial to academic achievement. Different word-learning strategies are carried out to help children grow their vocabulary and close the vocabulary gap that is impacting on their learning.



We use a wide variety of materials and post-reading activities as a stimulus for the development of a good reading habit, as well as to support their understanding of English.



Our students are encouraged to write creatively with their own ideas and pictures. Starting from K2, we begin with writing simple sentences to develop their interest.


我們鼓勵學生用自已的意念及圖片創意寫作。 打從K2起,我們開始讓他們寫簡單的句子,培養他們的興趣。

We believe that the usage of grammar is an on-going practice for every language learner, thus simple grammar is introduced to children at their early age.



These elements are essential for developing phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, reading fluency and reading comprehension.

Each level of the course is designed to be interlinked with the next and aims to prepare the young learners to be ready for the next stage of their school life.



Primary English

Our Primary English courses aim to emulate the English language culture for the children. We focus on three main elements: Reading, Writing and Grammar practice. We also provide courses like Phonics for Spelling, Student Journal and International Student Journal for students’ typical language development and second language acquisition.



  • Language art: literature and language
  • Practical comprehension exam skills
  • Emphasis on literal meanings
  • Making inferences and deductions
  • Observe how writing is structured
  • Literary Devices


  • 語言藝術:文學及語言
  • 實用理解考試技巧
  • 強調字面意義
  • 作出推斷及推論
  • 依循寫作的結構
  • 文學手法

Stage 1 (P1 – P2)

  • Guided Writing
  • Sentence Fluency
  • Elaborating on ideas and details
  • Keeping on focus

Stage 2 (P3 – P4)

  • Using 5 senses
  • Ideas that fit purposes and audience
  • Show and tell
  • Story development
  • Transition words
  • Simile and Metaphor
  • Organisation

Stage 3 (P5 – P6)

  • Developing character
  • Developing setting
  • Story development
  • Organisation
  • Metaphor and personification
  • Show and tell

階段 1 (小一 – 小二)

  • 引導寫作
  • 句子流暢
  • 詳盡說明意念及細節
  • 留意重點

階段 2 (小三 – 小四)

  • 運用 5 感
  • 切合目的及聽眾的意念
  • 表演及講說
    – 故事發展
  • 轉折詞
  • 明喻及隱喻
  • 組織

階段 3 (小五 –  小六)

  • 構思人物
  • 構思布景
  • 故事發展
  • 組織
  • 隱喻及擬人化
  • 表演及講說

Stage 1 (P1 – P2)
Term 1: Nouns, Adjectives
Term 2: Verbs, Tenses, Adverbs
Term 3: Preposition, Sentences, Question words, Connectors

Stage 2 (P3 – P4)
Term 1: Nouns, Adjectives
Term 2: Verbs, Tenses, Adverbs
Term 3: Preposition, Sentences, Conjunctions, Conditional

Stage 3 (P5 – P6)
Term 1: Nouns, Adjectives
Term 2: Verbs, Tenses, Adverbs
Term 3: Preposition, Sentences, Direct and indirect speech, Active and passive voice, Conjunctions, Conditional

階段 1 (小一 – 小二)
學期 1: 名詞、形容詞
學期2: 動詞、時態、副詞
學期 3: 前置詞、句子、疑問詞、連接詞

階段2 (小三 – 小四)
學期1: 名詞、形容詞
學期 2: 動詞、時態、副詞
學期3: 前置詞、句子、連接詞、條件句

階段 3 (小五 –  小六)
學期1: 名詞、形容詞
學期 2: 動詞、時態、副詞
學期 3: 前置詞、句子、直接及間接敍述、主動及被動式、連接詞、條件句

Phonics for Spelling

  • Segmenting for spelling
  • Spelling choices
  • Multiple-syllable words
  • Unseen dictation preparation


  • 拼寫的分節
  • 拼寫選擇
  • 多音節詞
  • 聽默準備

Student Journal

  • Listening and Speaking
  • Different topics for wider vocabulary
  • Motivating speaking activities


  • 聆聽及會話
  • 不同題目更廣泛的詞彙
  • 具誘發性的會話活動

International Student Journal

  • Liberal Studies
  • Current News Affair
  • Different kinds of speaking practices


  • 通識, 時事
  • 辯論
  • 各種會話練習
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